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Please Note: *Consuming raw or undercooked protein may cause illness


Fresh Grilled Rockfish, Oregon Coast

Special for 8/6 !

 With miso roasted yukon gold potatoes, pickled mustard seed aioli.


Pulled Pork with Collard Greens & Mac and Cheese
Special for 8/6!

Pulled Pork With Collard Greens Special

Featuring house smoked Carlton Farms Natural Pork Shoulder

Willapa Bay Oyster Shooter*  $3

Beer Battered Clam Strip Appetizer  $15

Fried Calamari Appetizer  $13.50

The Fishwife Seafood Restaurant Fired Calamari Appetizer

Fresh Alaskan Halibut Fish & Chips
With Fries & Coleslaw
Half Order $20 | Full Order  $31

Fishwife Fresh Alaskan Halibut Fish And Chips

 Fresh Alaskan Sockeye Salmon Fillet*
Grilled, blackened, or poached.  $26.50


Dessert Special:


Chocolate Peanutbutter Pie in a mason jar


Draught Beer:
Sassy Pony Ale  $6
Gigantic $6


Montucky Tall Boy $3.50
Anderson Valley Boont Amber $5
Best Day Brewing N/A Kolsch $5

Budweiser $4
Gigantic Kolsch $6
Gigantic Seasonal IPA $6
Double Mountain Dry Cider $7
Black Boss Porter, Poland $6
Einbecker N/A Pilsner $5.50

Glass  $10 | Bottle: $33

Prosecco Mionetto  $10 Split
La Croix Belle Rose 2020  FR  50/50 Grenache Syrah Blend
Cono Sur Chilean Chardonnay or Oyster Bay Sauv Blanc, NZ
Wine By Joe Pinot Noir
Cono Sur Red Blend, Chile  (Cab. profile)


Skinny Fishwife (vodka, soda, grapefruit)
Avation Gin & Tonic
Rum Punch
Bloody Mary


Cocktail Specials:

 Chamoy Tajin Margarita  $10.50
The Fishwife Seafood Restaurant Watermelon Margarita with Tajin Rim | Portland OregonSeasonal Rotating Cocktail   $9.50


Coke  $2.75
Diet Coke  $2.75
Sprite  $2.75
Root Beer  $2.75
Hot Tea  $3
Iced Tea  $3
Coffee  $3
Milk  $3